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There's no end to the things you may need investigative services for - but usually investigators are required for matters of special concern. These include legal matters, insurance claims, locating debtors or defendants, family concerns such as infidelity, enforcing child support, or missing persons, and proposed business deals with parties you need to know more about. We don't think of any case as being too small or unimportant, or too large and complex. Where extra hands on deck or expert skills are required, we will source the necessary people.

Civil litigation investigations. Common law liability
Civil Litigation

We are uniquely placed to understand the range and quality of evidence required in matters for court. Our principal, Andrew Pingree, holds a JD from Monash University, has published academically and is actively involved in legal education for small business.

Infidelity, teenagers, missing persons
Family Concerns

The problems surrounding the stability of a family can be highly troubling. There may members estranged, members acting deviously, teenagers getting into trouble, or someone may have gone missing. Due to the unfortunate Section 11 of the Surveillance Devices Act 1999 (Vic) we cannot assist you with video or audio evidence if the matter does not relate to your legal interests.

Tracing fruadsters, debtors, defendants, missing persons
Locating People
Corporate investigations - employees, competitors, debtors, liabilities
Business Intelligence

If you need to find the location or contact details of a misisng person, a debtor or proposed defendant, an investigator can help. We can assist you with debt recovery, process service, contacting any estranged person you are concerned about, and suchlike.

Corporate investigations - employees, competitors, debtors, liabilities

We have a major line of business servicing the insurance sector. This includes general insurance matters such as motor vehicle accident and theft claims, burglary claims, WorkCover claims, and other forms of insurance such as income protection. Only the highest standard of work is good enough when fraud is a serious concern and litigation a possibility.

Are you considering a business deal and need to know more about some of the parties? Are you concerned about an employees' actions? Maybe there a potentially litigious situation building. We can find out about the interests and activities of the parties of concern, their contact details, reputation with others, identify and enquire with witnesses and so forth. There are legal limitations, however, when it comes to commercial in confidence information.

Corporate investigations - employees, competitors, debtors, liabilities
Process Serving

As experienced investigators we can go much, much further than merely going to the recipient's address or workplace. We find people who don't want to be found. But there's more still. As our principal is qualified in law we understand civil procedure, so we will not make the cardinal error of irregular service. Your case is safe with us.

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